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Projects People International, LLC. was founded in 2004 to assist customers in finding the best resources for their Oracle Projects Suite requirements. The term “Projects People” has become synonymous with the people, both users and consultants, who are passionate about the Oracle Projects Suite products. Keeping abreast of the features and functionality emerging with each new release, in addition to understanding the ever expanding integration points and products, requires a commitment that far exceeds just using or implementing the applications. It is this dedication to the Projects Suite products that labels some people “Projects People.”

How We Work


  •  Formally trained in facilitative leadership techniques, our consultants lead discussions designed to encourage the free exchange of ideas and information
  • Our mature and experienced consultants inspire confidence and enthusiasm in users and stakeholders
  • All consultants are trained in change management.  We understand the importance of opening communication channels and acheiving "Buy In" 


  • We only use consultant whith strong verbal and written communication skills and ensure they are trained to document requirements that are based on the achievement of desired results, not the recording of rote tasks.
  • Extensive real business experience in project centric organizations give us the knowledge to understand the criticality of designing realistic work flows and business processes.
  • We have specialists in training and documentation.
  • We believe in continuous training.  Every configuration option will be accompanied by the training and documentation necessary to make effective and informed decisions. 


  • The Oracle e-Business Suite is incorporating new functionality with each point release and roll up pack.  The understand the need to keep up to date.
  • Staying involved in Oracle user groups, maintaining key relationships, staying abreast of impending changes, and utilizing well-honed research skills ensures that the very latest information is utilized to make decisions.
  • We have access to the best available spot consultants for any given project - don't settle for less than the best. 


  • We desgn ERP systems designed to facilitate the flow of data, capturing key performance indicators from project proposal to close-out.
  • Integration points are clearly defined and communicated to all module implementers
  • We are relentless in the pursuit of out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Proven problem resolution and support skills save time and effort

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News & Events

Now Serving the Mid-Atlantic Region from Offices in the Metro DC Area

We are excited to announce the opening of our new office in Rockville, Maryland.  In our new state of the art offices, we will be able to provide instructor led training for a variety of important topcis.